Lab Members

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Dr. Tetsu Kudoh    Group leader   Email
Research Fellows
Dr. Aya Takesono    Oestrogen signalling in brain development.   Email
Dr. Sulayman Mourabit DSC00413  The effects of metal/metal oxide nanomaterials and oxidative stress in fish.  Email
PhD students
John Moreman    Effects of bisphenol A on fish health.   Email
Ruth Cooper    Investigating multiorgan health effects of estrogenic effluents using transgenic zebrafish   Email
Jon Green    Further develop ERE-transgenic fish model for chemical effects, including mixtures.   Email
Aoife Parsons aoife lab profile    Understanding the developmental effect of brominated flame retardants.   Email
Qiqing Qiu Amber    Molecular mechanisms to generate embryonic stem cells in zebrafish.   Email
Hussein A. Saud Husseinface Isolation and characterisation of mutants in the mangrove killifish, K. marmoratus.  Email
Amy Foreman amy_foreman_250_250 Developing transgenic Zebrafish as a biosensor for Nanoparticle toxicity.  Email
Ilham J. Alshami ilham[1] Development of the electric organ in knife fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio  Email
Michael Moles
Laboratory Assistant
photo    Molecular mechanisms of retinoic acid induced patterning of the zebrafish hindbrain.   Email
Keisuke Shimizu
Visiting PhD Student
   Developmental mechanisms of molluscan shell formation.   Email
Dr. Okhyun Lee    Development of transgenic zebrafish as biosensors   Email
Dr. Olivia Osborne Ecotoxicology of nanoparticles and their potential effects in fish. Email